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Monday, March 6th, 2006

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Hello all Ontario Arashi fans! I hope that Arashi will come to Ontario soon ^_^
Places to find Arashi
I will seriously try to do the layout soon, I swear. At least just fix the overrides :D I swear. If I don't, Jon the other moderator will slap me...ha ha ha...

Anyways, here are some places to buy Arashi stuff that I know of for people living in Ontario:

-Broadcast Books and Gifts. They have three stores, one in Pacific Mall, the other in First Markham Place, and the third one...I dunno where.
-Music Headquarters in Pacific Mall. Ok, they don't, but I've been hinting about it to them for ages, so I need someone more than me to do it ^^

Stuff online:

-http://www.crescent-shop.com/ <--to assist in orders somewhere else :D

Anyone got anymore? It would be really helpful ^^

I really wish there were more store selling Arashi stuff. We need to spread the Arashi/Johnny AWARENESS in Ontario. I only see LEAD and FLAME...and they're not...Johnny lol

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